Mon October 26 6pm


As many RISD and Brown students go on to become designers at world's most popular consumer technology companies, they will have unprecedented power. Their design choices will shape the way a billion people perceive their world and make choices. For example, when one designer at Facebook makes a change that increases engagement of news feed by 5 minutes a day, it impacts how 9,500 human life years worth of time will be spent across the globe. In the face of such power, what does it mean to design these services 'responsibly'?

Unlike in medicine where doctors swear by a Hippocratic Oath to honor their power in shaping patients' lives, there's no such oath for the way designers shape the lives of billions of people. Just like a city shapes the lives of its millions of inhabitants, software shapes the lives of its users. Therefore software design, like city planning, is a domain of great responsibility. There are times when what's best for a company in the short run is not best for users, or for society. It's hard for an individual in a company to navigate these situations, or even to see them clearly.

Join Tristan Harris, Product Philosopher from Google, in this talk where there will be an open a conversation about what it means to "ethically" shape how a billion people live, using examples that intersect behavioral science, design, business, social psychology, and behavioral economics.

There will also be a workshop before the lecture in which students will be participating in redesigning popular apps/systems in a way that is respectful of users

Monday, October 26th 2015 3pm–5:30pm
Fleet Library Classroom 228 // 15 Westminster St
Apply here: http://goo.gl/forms/TH2GjGGYUJ
Presented by RISD STEAM in conjunction with RISD Programming Board and RISD Center for Student Involvement. Co-sponsored with Critical Design/Critical Futures

More info at: https://www.facebook.com/events/936361623120359/