Just Energy Transitions/Energy Democracy

Fri April 06 12am


Second meeting of the North East Just Transitions Research Network
Friday April 6th 2pm-5pm Northeastern University

Just Energy Transitions/Energy Democracy

The Just Transitions Research Network seeks to bring colleagues together in the critical environmental social sciences and humanities, energy studies, critical design, the fine arts and architectural studies to discuss the politics of post-carbon futures. We seek to provide a forum where colleagues can present and receive productive feedback on manuscripts and current work in progress that has been pre-circulated to a small audience. At this workshop, scholars working in the areas of energy studies, environmental sociology/political ecology, environmental geography and political theory will discuss and debate their current work focused on just energy transitions/energy democracy. Admission is free, but space is limited to 22 people. Some papers will be pre-circulated before the event to read. If you would like to attend this event, please contact d.faber@northeastern.edu and dwhite01@risd.edu so that we can plan for lunch.

Just Energy Transitions/Energy Democracy

Friday April 6th 2pm-5pm.


Shalanda Baker (Professor of Law, Public Policy and Urban Affairs, Northeastern)

Anti-Resilience: The case for disruption and transformation of the energy system

James McCarthy (Professor of Geography, Clark) Renewing accumulation? Political economies and ecologies of renewable energy.

Lauren Contorno (Department of Sociology, Northeastern) Community (im)mobilization and the micro-politics of energy transitions: a case study of Somerset, MA

Jennie Stephens (Dean’s Professor of Sustainability Science and Policy, Northeastern) Redistributing Power Through Energy Democracy: Integrating Gender, Racial & Economic Injustices into Climate & Energy Policy

Danny Faber, Professor of Sociology and Founding Co-Editor of Capitalism, Nature, Socialism Northeastern and Damian White, Dean of Liberal Arts, RISD (Moderators)

Location: Egan 206 Northeastern University, Forsyth St, Boston.

Egan is Building 60 next to Ruggles Train Station on Forsyth). https://www.northeastern.edu/campusmap/printable/campusmap15.pdf